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Effortless Fleet Management with WAIV Solar Powered Marine GPS Tracker


Track, Analyze and Improve Your Boat/ Watercraft Fleet Operations with WAIV

WAIV is a GPS fleet management system specifically designed for your rental operation of small boats, jet-skis, cruisers and charter boats.

WAIV’s simple and intuitive user interface lets you stay on top of your entire operation, providing full visibility into which boats are available to rent, which boats are rented out, and which boats are soon to be back home.

WAIV keeps track on historical data, and let’s you see start time, end time and duration of each individual rental session.

“We use WAIV to keep track of all our jet-skis and boats. I recommend WAIV for all rental operations so they can have the peace of mind to know where all their inventory is at all times.”

—Andrew, Operations Manager | Mission Bay Sports Center

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Peace of Mind. Simplified

We all know how it goes!

Whether you are a private boat owner renting out your beloved jewel, or a large rental business with hundreds of boats & jet-skis across multiple locations, you will frequently encounter renters that do not treat your equipment with proper care or adhere to regulations.

This eventually adds up to costly damages to your equipment.

WAIV's patented GPS fleet management system is the worlds most simple to use, quick to install GPS solution for boat rentals, that enables you to effortlessly stay on top of your entire operation with precise real-time data tracking of your inventory.

With patent pending collision detection, capsize detection and jet-ski inversion detection, together with route-by-route GPS tracks and speed logs, you will have all the information you need at your fingertips, to intercept unsafe behavior out on the water,  as well as to support a well informed and fair dispute resolution when a customer causes damage to your equipment, or disagrees with the duration of the rental.


Ease of Use

While ordinary GPS tracking companies may offer to track everything from  your runaway dog to your lost kitchen sink, WAIV is 100% focused  on making your boat rental operation run as smoothly as possible. 

WAIV provides maximum usability for the features that you need, while cutting the clutter and the features that you don't.

You will be amazed at how quickly and effortlessly WAIV will become second nature in your daily routine.

Painless Installation

Just peel and stick to a clean surface on your boat.

No need to drill holes or perform modifications that could impact warranty of your equipment.

100% solar powered - no need to connect to a power supply and worry about safety hazards from short-circuiting your boat's battery.

100% waterproof, and design to resist salt-water, oils, chemicals, UV light and mechanical vibrations.


Flexible Mounting Options

WAIV's patent pending "Caterpillar Mount" provides secure, self-adhesive attachment that adapts to the curved surface of your jet-ski.

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Geo-fencing & Text Alerts

WAIV provides numerous geo-fencing options and can send automated text alerts to your staff, for example, if a boat is speeding in a no-wake zone, is entering a no-go zone, or is about to arrive back to the pier (so your staff can be ready to assist docking the boat).



Two-Way Communication

For safety reasons, anyone on a boat or a jet-ski should always bring a mobile phone on every single ride.

However, wet fingers, bright sunlight and choppy waters can make it challenging to operate a mobile phone on a jet-ski or a capsized boat.

Although not an emergency device, WAIV provides a convenient way to provide two way communication between the renter and your staff at the dock.


Far Off-Shore GPS Tracking

Even far outside any mobile network areas, our GPS Tracker keeps recording the GPS tracks into internal memory, and uploads the data as soon as it re-enters mobile coverage.

That way you can review your boat's historical tracks outing-by-outing even for activities like deep sea fishing charters and whale watching tours.


 “We use WAIV to keep track of all our boats. Not only for peace of mind, but to help our reception quote accurate wait times when things get hectic. Being able to track our inventory in real time gives us all the information in case of a dispute. I recommend WAIV for all rental operations that way they can have the peace of mind to know where all their inventory is at all times.”

—Andrew, Operations Manager | Mission Bay Sports Center

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“Hi I'm Jerry Knight I'm the owner of San Diego Bay Adventures. We've always had trouble with our jet-skis getting lost in the evening and people having breakdowns and we can’t find them, so we installed WAIV GPS trackers on all our skis. It's the best investment I made in a long time in my company.”

–Jerry Knight, San Diego Bay Adventures


“We use WAIV tracking here at Action Sport Rentals at Lowe’s Marina and it’s definitely relieved some stress at the end of the day, we know where everything is. It definitely removes some of the guess work out of our rental fleet. We definitely endorse WAIV tracking for your GPS boat tracking needs.

—Fernando, Manager | Action Sport Rentals

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